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Pr0ton Rebel Phat0m

Neill Soden




1978-06-30 (30 June 1978)

South Africa

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P.O Box 2123 , Pinegowrie , South Africa

About My Self

Well I have a life of Pc games and Pc problems I enjoy computer I fix them play on them really do anything on them that can be done on them . I also enjoy play squash and ten pen bowling and also cycling I build Plastic Models (Planes tanks Sci_Fi )

About My Country

About my country well it not much different to any other it has it problems but it not that bad we have big population of black people also knowen as Africans and the are about 80% of the population and 20% white it good fair amount the population is about 30000000 I think. The country it self is very hot and sunny and rain in summer a lot. Living well it great we live in house which are quite bit with a avearge of 3-4 room with a garden and a big wall and gate for security we have a lot of robbrys and all that does with it.